Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Analytics Solution?

April 17, 2014 Streamline Health

Big data is not a new concept in healthcare analytics, but as we all know, collecting that information is only the first step. For organizations to derive true value out of their data, they need the ability to analyze it and make it actionable.

A recent Health Management Technology article provides several strategies and best practices for ensuring hospitals and health systems get the most out of their analytics solutions. Some key features providers should look for include:

  • Integrated performance: Healthcare facilities are being fed data related to clinical, financial and operational performance. These three areas play a crucial role in the organization, and success in each directly impacts the others. An analytics solution that integrates clinical, financial and operational data can help a hospital improve outcomes throughout the enterprise.
  • Collaboration across departments: Many healthcare providers have separate systems among the various departments, creating several disparate data sources. An analytics solution should allow for sharing of information throughout the hospital.
  • Combine with enterprise content management: Approximately 80 percent of healthcare data is still unstructured, such as paper records or medical images. This valuable content is necessary to paint the complete picture and must be incorporated into the patient record. Combining an analytics solution with an enterprise content management (ECM) solution allows providers to capture that unstructured data and make it actionable.
  • Interoperability: In addition to ECM, an analytics solution should have the ability to integrate with other systems such as clinical documentation improvement and dual coding systems. An analytics solution that is interoperable with other systems throughout the hospital can help reduce the financial and operational impact of regulatory changes such as ICD-10 and meaningful use by helping the organization better track its performance.

For more information on how to get the most out of your analytics solution, please read the full article, which can be found here. And please contact us with any questions about how Streamline can help you achieve your analytics goals.

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