Analytics from the Patient’s Point of View

June 30, 2014 Streamline Health

A large quantity of digital ink has been devoted to the topic of analytics in healthcare – specifically clinical analytics with the ability to predict and possibly improve outcomes. And rightfully so, considering the transition from volume-based to value-based reimbursement models and penalties for the readmission of patients with certain diagnoses. But with the majority of coverage on these aspects of healthcare reform aimed at the payers and providers that must adapt, one key stakeholder is often not considered: the patient.

In a recent article for the Huffington Post, Streamline’s chief marketing officer, Randy Salisbury, addresses the clinical analytics movement from the patient’s point of view. In his article, Salisbury describes a typical patient encounter in today’s information-driven healthcare environment, where providers now rely on coordinated, evidence-based decision-making rather than isolated, subjective diagnoses and treatment plans.

All of this is possible, of course, through the use of data analytics. Hospitals and health systems have long used financial and operational analytics to maintain the strength of the organization from a business standpoint, but when combined with the vast amount of clinical data, the 360-degree view is complete. These three areas are interdependent; improved patient outcomes allow an organization to remain more fiscally sound, and high reimbursement rates ensure that the business of caring for patients and the business of running the hospital run smoothly.

We invite you to read the full article on the Huffington Post to learn more about how the clinical analytics movement is affecting the patient experience.

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